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Understanding the Results

By performing a full analysis of the BRCA genes you and your physician will obtain very useful information. This information will be used by your physician in order to individualize your medical follow up. The European (ESMO, St Gallen) and the American (NCCN, ASCO) medical guidelines provide clear instructions on the management of the people that carry pathogenic mutations on these genes.

Possible Results from the Genetic Analysis:
  • Positive Result
    • Increased Risk: Medical management based on international guidelines for BRCA mutation carriers.
  • Negative Result (for a mutation that has been detected in another family member)
    • Risk same as that of the general population: Medical management same as the general population
  • Negative Result (after Full Analysis of BRCA1/2-Full Sequencing and MLPA)
    • Risk of Hereditary Syndrome very small: Medical management based on personal and family history
  • Unknown Clinical Significance 
    • Risk of Hereditary Syndrome is not clarified based on international bibliography: Medical management based on personal and family history

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