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Why Should I be Tested

The genetic analysis of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes helps in the identification of women with increased risk of developing breast cancer (approximately 90%) or ovarian cancer (approximately 45%). This information provides a useful tool for taking decisions that will reduce this risk. In the case that the cancer develops, the diagnosis will take place early and in a more curable stage.
  • The positive result (pathogenic mutation is detected) will help you begin early a systematic monitoring program, improving the outcome of the disease. In some cases, the development/recurrence of the disease can be avoided with proper preventive pharmaceutical or surgical treatment.
  • This information significantly improves the outcomes and reduces the medical costs through early diagnosis and treatment of the cancer, if it develops.
  • Genetic counseling for you and your relatives for the etiology of the cancer in your family will be helpful.
  • This information helps avoid the cost and complications of unnecessary interventions in family members who are not positive for the pathogenic mutation found in the family.

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